BLU is an Italian street artist from Bologna, Italy and has been involved in the street art scene since 1999.

His works can be seen around the world and his style is easily recognizable. BLU prefers to paint his works around the urban and industrial landscape. Like most street artists, BLU began painting graffiti with spray paint, but his graffiti style quickly transformed thanks to his growing use of house paint.

One of BLU’s most famous artwork is a silent graphic animation composed of hundreds of paintings on walls creating a seven minute animated mural. This incredible video is called MUTO, and can be found on YouTube with millions of views. The video, which took months to create, was painted in the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

BLU’s aesthetic search is motivated by a belief in an open source philosophy. His amazing work stands as truth against political events and other socialistic controversies in today’s modern age.