David Choe

Rarely do we see a street artist with the skills and complexity of David Choe, the controversial Korean-American artist born and raised in Los Angeles. His pulchritudinous pictures, seductive, appealing and ambitious yet equally mischievous, brutal and insular demonstrate what an angry, intelligent talent can truly achieve.

Choe sculpts and paints in oils, acrylics, crayon and mixed media. Influences flow through comic book culture to gothic art, impressionism and the surreal. The content of Choe’s work is equally complex and in contrast to the slick, succinct, populist messages of some of his contemporaries. Choe’s figurative and collage work displays sensitivity and intricacy rarely matched.

The artist’s first solo show was held at Double Rainbow, a small ice cream shop on Melrose Avenue of Los Angeles’s Westside. Since then he has shown at various galleries around the world such as, Anno Domini Gallery in San Jose, The Jonathan Levine Gallery in New York City, and Lazarides Gallery in London and Los Angeles.