Nick Walker

As a forerunner of the British graffiti phenomenon, Nick Walker's work became a blueprint for hundreds of burgeoning artists. His work has constantly evolved and always remains innovative, modern and thought-provoking, treating iconic figures with a refreshing irreverence.

It was after the continuous destruction of his illegal work that he transcended his urban surroundings and changed his angle of attack to one focused on the establishment and art world. His distinctive style adapted effortlessly from the walls of Bristol to canvases on gallery walls.
His work still draws on the energy and imagery of graffiti but he succeeds in combining the freedom the spray can brings with very controlled and intricate stenciling. The results are highly sophisticated and incredibly desirable. Some of his works are partly hand-sprayed and partly hand-printed.

His work has been embraced by the mass media including the record, advertising and film industries with commissions as prestigious as the major motion pictures Judge Dredd and Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut. Nick Walker’s had been displayed in exhibitions like "Two Floors", Soho (London), and a solo exhibition sponsored by Absolute Vodka, at Goodge Place, London.