OG Slick

In the mid 80's, OG Slick spent his early years attending Art Center College Of Design during the day and doing graffiti at night.

A legendary graffiti battle was pivotal moment in Slick's career. He went from underground hell raiser to garnering worldwide acclaim, forever changing how graffiti characters are painted to this day. The international attention opened the doors for Slick to paint everything from music videos to full fledged gallery exhibits. Since his first designs in the late 80's, Slick has designed graphics for the likes of Stussy, X-Large, Adidas, Obey, Disney and the list goes on. His graphic design aesthetic has influenced an entire generation of artists/designers. He pioneered a movement called "street wear" long before the term was even coined.

Slick's main focus nowadays is his clothing brand Dissizit!, which established itself as a brand not to be taken lightly with their “take no prisoner" attitude on it's assault on pop culture. Slick’s "LA Hands” logo icon has become a sort of an anthem and symbol for Los Angeles pride!