Handiedan - Blood Moon Light

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2020. Edition of 55

Archival pigment print with full bleed on 18" x 21" (46 x 53cm) 315gsm etching cotton rag

Signed and numbered in gold marker

Embossed logo by the artist

Featuring augmented reality elements

To activate the augmented reality experience, download the Artivive App to your smartphone. Point your phone at the "Blood Moon Light" art print and enjoy the ocean interaction!

"The oceans and its underwater currents are the bloodstreams of our planet, Mother Earth, and are the orchestra conductor of the seasons. The flow of energy and matter between oceans, soil, and atmosphere are feeding, sustaining, and creating life. Like breath and blood as a continuous circulation in constant motion.

In this image, Mother Earth is represented by two strong female figures, facing each other and kissing themselves at the same time. The dark skin of the goddess becomes blue in the moonlight. The dark color represents soil, which holds carbon, the building block of life on our planet.
The Red Coral symbolizes the artery of life. The Artery leads the blood from the heart into the body. Carried by the dark blue goddesses with the golden ratio balance at their feet.

In the harmonious ocean stream, the dolphins flow around the face of Mother Earth. Connecting and communicating through energy. The dolphin represents the spirit and the unconsciousness. The Beluga Whale, also called white dolphin or white whale, represents one of the higher spirits.

Everything on Earth is connected and harmoniously in balance. That these species are threatened with extinction can be seen as a powerful sign and warning. The balance is very vulnerable." - Handiedan