Phlegm - Civilization II

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2022. Edition of 300

19.6” x 27.6” (50 x 70cm)

Screen-print on Somerset Satin 410gsm paper

Signed, embossed, and numbered in pencil

"This print is a continuation from the theme I started with civilization print years ago. Ever since that print I've worked on a storyboard for a short graphic novel or zine but never committed to inking it up (because I'm busy enough with other books I've still not quite finished). I decided to take part of the story and continue it as a print series instead.
To make it a companion to the first print I wanted it the same colour. This time around I decided to print on radiant white 410gsm somerset paper and match the old paper colour with ink instead for a more robust print. The detail is perfect and I feel it translates perfectly to print." - Phlegm