Alexis Diaz

Alexis Diaz is a painter and muralist from Puerto Rico, also known as La Pandilla, has received international acclaim for his striking large-scale depictions of animals, plants, and symbols. Diaz frequently paints his murals against the backdrop of cities throughout Florida, where he lives and works, using street corners and the walls of buildings as his canvas in order to ensure that his art is accessible to everyone.

In 2018, Diaz’s works were featured in an exhibition titled “UN-DERSTAND The Power of Art as a Social Architect” at the URBAN NATION Museum in Berlin. Bouncing between a vibrant palette and black and white, Diaz completes nearly all of his works freehand, employing countless brush strokes one after the other. The artist’s meticulous process yields beautifully intricate works featuring imagery like detailed illustrations of skeletons and three-eyed deers.