Aryz is a Spanish street artist best known for his intricately detailed works done with spray paint and paint rollers.

Born in Palo Alto, California, from the age of 3 he grew up in the suburbs of Barcelona, Spain. Very early, Aryz showed interest in the graffiti scene, so he quickly joined up with a local crew. In the beginning, he mostly painted characters between his partners’ letters, but due to a finger injury Aryz began to combine the spray can with brushes. That twist of fate ended his relationship with the other writers, but also led him to try more ambitious pieces.

Aryz is known for using mixed media and painting styles to create gigantic murals depicting strange creatures, arranged through strange, emotional mixtures expressing both rawness and tenderness. His art holds vibrant colors and fantastic atmospheres resembling those of science fiction. Generally, Aryz murals depict humans or animals of surreal colors, playing between surrealism and Pop Art, with silhouettes that reveal their entrails, organs or parts, trying to explore the interior of the living creatures.