Paul Insect

Paul Insect is an English contemporary artist with a graphic sensibility. He works with a variety of media, including sculpture, painting and print-making. His imagery often cross references modern with antiquarian and vintage graphic styles to create a visual twist.

Most famous for his first solo show Bullion exhibition at London’s Lazarides Gallery, when famous Damien Hirst purchased the show days before it opened, he also goes by the name of PINS.

Along with eye-popping gallery exhibitions, Insect has established himself as one of street art’s seminal figures. Known for his visceral pop style, Insect mixes bright colors with morbid themes, Donald Duck and Pinocchio brandishing guns and bombs, while human skulls sport multi-hued Playboy bunny ears. His self-portrait in bronze, “Pixel-man” has a computer-headed body melting, clutching a keyboard, while a second set of arms are tied behind his back.

Insect has painted alongside Banksy at The Can Festival, produced album art for DJ Shadow and has worked on the separation wall in Palestine. His work can be spotted everywhere from the streets of London to LA or Stockholm to Sydney.