Hold on to What You Got

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2019. Edition of 122

20” x 27.5” (50 x 70cm)

3-color screen-print on art paper

Signed and numbered in pencil

Certificate of authenticity

"This edition is a very simple image that needs little explanation really. It depicts a young boy tethered to an oversized balloon, but he stands firm and his feet are rooted to the ground. I guess its message is to keep your dreams big, play big, love big, but stay grounded. I have a huge collection of reference photos, mainly vintage family photos that I find fascinating. Very often I find an image that instantly just sparks an idea, it’s very similar to collage, I see one thing, take it, and add to it, creating something new.

This print is a smile for the mind, it’s a simple image with a simple positive message. Sometimes that’s all you need to bring a bit of happiness into your day." - Eelus