Faile is an artist collective founded in Brooklyn, NY by Patrick McNeil (Canadian), Patrick Miller (American). They are one of the most popular and recognizable international producers of street-displayed artwork. From initially wheat-pasting screen printed posters on the streets of New York and major world cities, they progressed to the more permanent medium of stencil graffiti. Their instantly recognizable pop culture images in posters and stencils have allowed Faile to diversify into other areas encompassing fine art, sculpture, design, fashion, music, and housewares, but the core of their work remains printmaking, stenciling, and painting.

On the surface, Faile’s work often appears to be images taken from comic books, pulp fiction novels and even Yellow Pages adverts. There are however a number of concepts which underlie Faile’s gritty pop culture graphics. Most notably these are dualism and collaboration. Furthermore the effect of the street itself on street art has gone on to become an inspiration in itself. Their allure has prompted an invitation to paint the exterior of London's Tate Modern gallery in May 2008.