Escif - Followers

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2023. Edition of 35

19” x 13” (48 x 33 cm)

Ultrachrome glicée print on paper Ilford Cotton Artist textured de 310 grs.

Published by Brilloysabor Estudio.

Signed and numbered in pencil

"More than 2000 years ago, a holy and honorable man convinced all those who came to listen to him with his righteous words.
 Jesus became the messiah of the Christian religion. His name and his values crossed borders and centuries. Generation after generation, until our days.
 What no one imagined was the appearance of a new messiah who would overshadow the previous one: the Internet
. Today, the Internet is the new god that we all blindly follow. His words are sacred and build a new reality that questions everything we have believed in until now." - Escif