Kaws Teapot - White

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2020. Edition of 1000


5,3" x 8" x 5" (13,5 x 20,5 x 12,5cm)

800 ml capacity

Matching packaging box

Certified NFC chip of authenticity

KAWS has teamed up with long time collaborator AllRightsReserved on a “XX” monogram teapot. The last time the two came together, they released a series of large-scale KAWS:HOLIDAY installations, ending with its Japan Mount Fuji landing in July 2019.

Using Brian Donnelly’s signature KAWS “XX” motif, a monogram pattern has been designed to cover the sides and top of the teapot, with the “XX” gloved hands filling the spaces in between. The teapot is made from heat-friendly ceramics with a volume of 800ml, and arrives in an all-white edition of 1000.