American Integrity

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2015. Edition of 100

24” x 18” (61 x 46cm)

Letterpress on 290gsm Coventry rag

Signed and numbered in pencil

Certificate of Authenticity

"American Integrity" is another piece in my Modern Hieroglyphics series, exploring iconic images of modern life reinterpreted as tattoo designs. The title could be read as a statement and a question. Do American’s have integrity? The imagery was found mostly in old books. The box van in the lower right is a project vehicle that I’m having modified in Denver right now. The “VA” and “Veronica” on the bracelet are nods to Veronica Avluv, one of my favorite adult performers. I love the chief’s headdress, but I've often seen artists (myself included) making the mistake of drawing women wearing them. Only the chief is allowed to wear it. It’s incredibly disrespectful for anyone else to wear them. The 303 in the lower left is a nod to Colorado where I currently reside. The “CD” symbol below that is something I grew up around. I used to see them everywhere as a kid. To me they symbolize the nuclear paranoia that was ever present during my youth. The knight in armor is another nod to my youth, particularly my love for the Dungeons and Dragons game. The concha belt in the upper left is a nod to New Mexico style. And the banjo next to that always makes me think of Steve Martin. Ever heard Steve play a banjo? He wails.” - Mike Giant