A Vast Palimpsest

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2017. Edition of 455

11” x 14” (28 x 35.5cm)

Giclee print with warm silver foil stamping

350gsm 100% cotton paper

Signed and numbered in pencil

Certificate of Authenticity

"This is a deluxe giclee reproduction of a pencil & gouache drawing I made in December of 2016. The production logistics and execution were masterfully executed by Brad Keech of Pressure Printing in Denver, Colorado. The print features an elaborate sculpted border embossing of twinned milkweed stalks & their respective root systems which come together at the bottom of the print to cradle a small VACVVM mark. This mark and the thin pinstripe that surrounds the image are stamped in a warm silver foil which, when combined with the sculpted framework and luxurious cotton stock, conspire to create a print with extraordinary depth, clarity & tactile allure. Put plainly - this is a piece that captivates not only the eyes but the hands as well. I'm incredibly proud of how this print turned out. Thanks so much for the support & all the best."
- ahorkey