Birdsong Project

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2022. Edition of 450

18” x 24” (46 x 61cm)

Screen-print on Speckletone cream paper

Signed and numbered in pencil

"I was invited to be part of The Birdsong Project by Randall Poster, the music supervisor for a bunch of my favorite movies. Randall is collaborating with musicians, artists, and the Audubon Society to raise awareness and funds to protect birds and their habitats from the impacts of climate change. I'm concerned about the health of our planet, and I'm very aware that declining bird populations are an early indication of serious ecological problems on the horizon. I also love birds and don't want to see Rachel Carson's warning from "Silent Spring" of a future without birds come to pass. My print The Birdsong Project (Another Day In the Coal Mine) is a scene of sun, flowers, and a Summer Tanager, a beautiful red bird that was once extremely common but has seen a concerning decline in its population. My print is a vision of what we almost all find beautiful but can no longer take for granted. I don't want this print to be a nostalgic picture of a romantic time that once was. Let's protect the birds for our time and the future of the planet!" – Shepard