Confrontation - Letterpress

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2021. Edition of 450

16” x 19.5” (40.5 x 49.5cm)

Letterpress print on 100% cream cotton paper with deckled edges

Signed and numbered in pencil by Shepard Fairey and Dennis Morris and embossed

"This letterpress set in collaboration with photographer Dennis Morris commemorates the 40th anniversary of Bob Marley’s passing. The series represents the amazing breadth of Marley’s character… the philosopher, the confrontational warrior for justice, and the evangelist for love and connection. Bob Marley’s music and words continue to resonate with a worldwide audience while converting young idealists year over year.

I discovered Bob Marley when I bought  his Rastaman Vibrations shortly after I started skateboarding in 1984, purely because the only good skateboard ramp where I lived was called “The Rasta Ramp.”  I had mostly been listening to punk rock, but I was excited to discover reggae, which even more boldly embodied many of the same elements of social protest as punk but in a way that was much more palatable to my parents.  I think my parents bought me Bob Marley and the Wailers records for every Christmas or birthday until I had accumulated their entire catalog. I’m always inspired by how steadfast and positive Bob was." - Shepard

“Robert Nesta Marley, the thinker, the mystic, the lover, writer of songs of Freedom; an inspiration to millions.
Forty years on, the legend lives on.” - Dennis Morris