Escif - Coworking

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2022. Edition of 30

19” x 13” (48 x 33 cm)

Ultrachrome glicée print on paper Ilford Cotton Artist textured de 310 grs.

Printed by Paco Mora Studio. Valencia

Published by Brilloysabor Estudio.

Signed and numbered in pencil

A beautiful print that talks about social meetings, the consumer society, the alienating work that turns us into happy self-slaves. We think we work for ourselves and that fills us with pride. But the truth is that we work for the big brother, the powerfull machine of capitalism system. And this makes us anxious, stressed and impotent. But it doesn't matter, Christmas is already here. Let's forget everything that distresses us. Let's celebrate life with a good Christmas dinner, with our phones, with our airpods, with our QRs. Lets make fun for a few days. And please don´t talk about controversial things on these lovely moments.

"Coworking" is a drawing inspired by the work of spanish old master Juan de Juanes.

A beautiful funny print that remember us how self-employment is self-exploitation." - Escif