In Honor of Vincent Jen Chin

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2021. Edition of 350

18” x 24” (46 x 61cm)

Screen-print on Speckletone cream paper

Signed by Shepard Fairey and Gordon Cheung, numbered in pencil

In this politicized pandemic crisis through which the previous leader of the most powerful nation in the world labelled coronavirus as China-Virus and its various forms, the consequences of racist blame has led to manifold increases in hate crimes against Asians. 
I hope this collaboration between Shepard and myself can raise awareness about the long history of anti-Asian hate and the important legacy of Vincent Chin whose untimely death in 1982 galvanized the people to demand Asian American civil rights. This current crucial moment in history calls for a gathering of momentum where Asian diaspora voices should go loud and proud. To stand together, advocate for change and collectively build bridges of understanding over glass ceilings and walls of hate.
-Gordon Cheung

I was delighted to collaborate with Gordon Cheung because his art is beautiful but woven with both overt and sublime social commentary. We chose to create a collaborative portrait of Vincent Chin, who was murdered in a hate crime, to call attention to the history and ongoing issue of anti-Asian racism. Thanks to Granger Picture Archive for the kind sponsorship of the historical imagery, and Helen Zia of the Vincent Chin Foundation for the support.