Indivisible 2017

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2017. Edition of 68

40” x 28” (102.5 x 71cm)

Hand-finished screen-print

Signed and Numbered in pencil

Embossed with printer's chop

Certificate of Authenticity

This print was an experiment from start to finish. This is a multi-dimensional mixed media print in the sense that the original image was created as a conceptual digital-video piece. From this video experiment I was able to capture the final image to be translated into the print format. This was tricky breaking the American Flag that was printed on glass and capturing the right moments as it shattered but as this process evolved and so did the outcome. I really went all out on these prints with the hand touching. Within the printed layers are raw spraypaint tags buried under multi-colored split fountains. I also penciled and spraypainted on top of the prints weaving these colors and gestures through the image. Now multiply each one of these hand done whips and bits times 119. This large multi-media print was definitely a challenge, but with this came some amazing results. - Saber