Joe Strummer - Know Your Rights

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2023. Edition of 550

18” x 24” (46 x 61cm)

Screen-print on Speckletone cream paper

Signed by Shepard Fairey and numbered in pencil

With my ICONS art show happening this weekend, it made sense to celebrate the musical and philosophical icon Joe Strummer, lead singer and lyricist of the Clash who are my all-time favorite band. Joe Strummer is a hero of mine for his music, lyrics, wit, compassion for the underdog, and stance against injustice. Joe is also known for the phrase “The Future is Unwritten,” which is a mantra I live by. As a teen, I was fueled by the fury of punk, but Joe added heart and intellect to punk in a way that grew with me as I realized that anger without meaningful purpose is a dead end. I was honored to collaborate on this art with photographer Jenny Lens whose candid shots of the early Punk scene are amazing. - Shepard