Love Transmitter

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2024. Edition of 200

27.5” x 12” (70 x 30.5cm)

Acrylic and Silkscreen Ink on Archival Lenox 100

Signed, numbered, stamped, and embossed

"Today we are excited to share our first release of a favorite image, one that’s adorned a large mural wall here in Brooklyn’s Transmitter Park along the waterfront, since 2016. The “love me, love me not” artwork was meant to highlight our relationship to nature and our choices towards it through the winds of time. More than anything, the artwork has appealed to one’s quiet contemplation whether it be towards love, hope or the charm of being lost in a daydream, it’s a magical space to be and one to cherish. This is a handmade studio print created from a tri-color paint fade, drips from the brush, painted and silkscreened." - Faile