James Jean - Maze

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2022. Edition of 100

19.7" x 27.2” (50 x 69 cm)

Archival pigment print with foil stamped embossing and the artist’s unique dimensional chop on 100% cotton rag paper

Signed and numbered in pencil by the artist

Certificate of authenticity

James balances sophistication and simplicity in a new rendition of Maze, a motif he has previously explored in his sculptures Maze and Maze Aurum. Taking inspiration from Edgar Degas' ballet paintings, this new rendition of Maze centres on a moment of quiet reflection. Maze is one of James’ most iconic compositions. Classically a symbol of confusion and disorientation, James' maze represents the tension between outer balance and inner turmoil. Based on an original painting from 2008, Maze centres on a moment of quiet reflection. Jean took inspiration from Edgar Degas' paintings and sculptures of ballet dancers, adding his own narrative layer. The focal point of the piece, a golden hoop-maze hybrid, is highlighted through foil stamp embossing. Each print's border is embellished with a silver foil design unique to this edition.

“I aspire for simplicity but then again, we praise sophistication. When things are sophisticated we think they’re good when in actuality it’s much better when you lead a simpler life. Sophistication makes things far more difficult and complicated, and leads to a lot of turmoil - inner turmoil. That’s where the idea of the Maze comes from.” - Jean