Rose Soldier - Letterpress

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2017. Edition of 450

10” x 13” (25 x 33cm)

Letterpress print on 100% cotton paper

Signed and numbered in pencil and embossed

The Rose Soldier letterpress is a more iconic update to an older print dealing with a consistent theme in my work: PEACE! The flower in the gun barrel became a peace symbol during the Vietnam War when protesters would place real flowers in the barrels of the guns wielded by the National Guard. With war and gun violence remaining constant, I’d like this print to remind us to push for peace. The image is also designed as a stencil, so use it as a guide to make your own if you are inspired. Our gallery Subliminal Projects is hosting a peace themed show next month with photos by Jim Marshall and some collaborations I did inspired by some of his photos. Check out the show if you are in Los Angeles or just passing through. – Shepard