Sun and Clouds II (Blue Edition)

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2020. Edition of 20

14 3/4” x 19” (37.5 x 48cm)

Two-pull relief print from photopolymer and reduction linocut, on archival German-made Hahnemühle Copperplate paper

Signed, numbered and titled in pencil by the artist

"This print edition was adapted from a drawing of my son from 2019, when he was not quite a year old. The drawing was inspired by my son's radiance– that special radiance found in small children that glows with love and joy, and can part the clouds in the sky. Leonard Cohen wrote that "as our eyes grow accustomed to sight they armor themselves against wonder"– a fundamental part of being an artist is having and maintaining some sense of wonderment at the world around us. Enchantment with the world helps give us purpose and helps keep that best, childlike, part of us alive. Maintenance of this light and wonder can carry us through dark days and serve as a beacon or spark for others. This image hopefully carries along, in some small way, a little bit of that light." - El Mac