Sunset as the Fall Approaches

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2023. Edition of 550

24” x 18” (61 x 46cm)

Screen-print on cream Speckletone paper

Signed and numbered in pencil

"Inspired by a beautiful but ominous sunset I photographed, along with the jarring juxtaposition of oil drilling platforms off the coast of Santa Barbara. In 1969 the largest (at the time) oil spill happened at the Union Oil platform near Santa Barbara. The environmental devastation was significant enough to spark a movement and several pieces of environmental regulation. In the Santa Barbara spill, the damage from oil was painfully visible in the dead seabirds, dolphins, and other wildlife. What was not directly visible and what scientists were only beginning to determine was the effects of burning oil, gas, and coal on global temperatures. There is a delicate balance that maintains the ecosystems of Earth’s most beautiful spaces and habitats of all its creatures. I’d like to see those things not in their twilight but preserved for future generations." -Shepard Fairey